Deft 5 Room Controller

This is a significant element of DEFT’s home automation services. This room controller administers all home appliances. It has the ability to be connected to multiple devices at a single time and controls all connected appliances. It also monitors energy consumption for all the appliances, sends the data to the master controller. It controls the sensors and provides intelligence to appliances. It is specifically designed to be the brain of heavy load appliances.

  • Variants: 5/3 Switches available
Technical Specifications:
  • Technology(Wireless): Zigbee
  • Power Rating: 230V/50Hz Single Phase AC Supply
  • Range: Zigbee (60m with Obstacles, 1200m in Line of Sight)
  • Dimension: 115*60*24 mm
  • Color: Silver Gray
  • Weight: 400gm