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SiplAutomation is an internal division of Sipla. The core business of SiplAutomation is the production of assembly machines of its own design,
all designed and built internally, highly customized and respectful of MADE IN ITALY.
SiplAutomation operates in various sectors, mainly in: writing instruments, cosmetics, biomedical, pharma, automotive.
To complete the line, SiplAutomation can supply custom packaging or Inspection solutions, always of its own design, to be connected to its own assembly machines.
SiplAutomation also has an R&D department where highly dedicated engineering solutions are developed to fully satisfy every minimum customer need.


SiplAutomation manufactures horizontal and vertical transport assembly machines, applying different technologies according to the production speeds to be reached and to the shapes and dimensions of products.

Spezielle Verpackungssysteme

SiplAutomation is capable of developing and building special machines for primary and secondary packaging dedicated to the food, pharma, biomedical, writing instruments and cosmetics sectors.

Kontroll-und Inspektionssysteme für die Produktqualität

SiplAutomation is capable of developing and building machines for product control and inspection. An example is our low-intensity X-ray control system, X- ISOBORDER

F&E - Spezialprojekte

SiplAutomation provides its customers with the Engeneering department for the development and pre-development of special projects.

Hersteller von Verpackungsmaschinen in verschiedenen Branchen

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