Deft Master Hub
Deft Master Hub is the brain of home automation solutions. It controls all the Room controllers and appliances that are connected on the Deft Network. It enables user to use all the intelligent features using a Tablet Phone, Cell Phone and Smart Sense. It is the Backbone of DEFT Home Intelligence. It is a mandatory unit which is required to be installed in order to use DEFT.
Technical Specifications:
  • Technology (Wireless): Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Power Rating: 12V/2A DC Adaptor
  • Indications: 20×4 LCD display, LED Indication
  • Range: Wi-Fi, Zigbee (60m with Obstacles, 1200m in Line of Sight)
  • Dimension: 210*140*40 mm
  • Colour: Silver Gray
  • Weight: 300gm